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The GS Green State Contour System provides a variety of instruments that offer a safe and efficient way to remove sprue connectors and contour pre sintered zirconia restorations. The instruments are available in 11 shapes. The GS104 knife edge is particularly well suited for opening and contouring interproximal areas without chipping.

GS Green State Instruments

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ZHP Diamonds For Anatomical Adjustments

Various anatomical adjustments can be made with our ZHP GS Green State Diamonds. These HP diamonds have a unique diamond shape and particle size, providing a safe, gentle way to make subtle anatomical adjustments in the green state.


GS Green State Contour Complete Kit


GS Contour Diamond Blade

Our diamond coated blade was designed to open and contour interproximal areas. The blade can gently access tight areas without causing any damage.

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